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Have you ever walked by the business in the Central Business District with the neon OPEN sign and vintage slot machine in the window and wondered what goes on in there? Well that is LBPA member Precious Metals Exchange of Delaware County ( We recently spoke to Bill about his specialty business at 27 A North Lansdowne Ave. Learn all about it here.

Precious Metals Exchange has been in business on Lansdowne Avenue for 12 years. Precious Metals evaluates and appraises coins, coin collections, jewelry, watches and other items made from gold, silver or platinum; they buy and sell gold and silver for investment purposes; and they do free estimates and appraisals for estates.

He chose to open his location in Lansdowne because he thought that Lansdowne was a great place to do business as it was centrally located to serve Philadelphia and all of Delaware County. His favorite thing about doing business in Lansdowne is the sense of community and cleanliness. He joined the LBPA so that he could help make a difference in the community and possibly draw more businesses to the area.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, honest, and experienced appraiser who will give you the highest value for all your scrap gold and metal or are searching for a hard to find collectible coin, then visit Precious Metals Exchange.
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